Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm an entrepreneur?

I'm an entrepreneur. I've always been one, so you'd think that self-promotion would be easy for me but it isn't. Being an introvert, I don't like the spotlight. Writing about myself and my work is next to impossible for me so when Janet gave us the challenge of creating a Widipedia page my first thought was 'I'm not that interesting a person'.

I decided to try and figure out why anyone would be interested in looking me up and this is what I discovered.

I write Romantic Suspense stories. I'm a member of Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers, Sisters in Crime, Toronto Sisters in Crime. I'm a member of the Bloody Words executive or as we call ourselves, the Bloody Gang.

I've started several writing groups so authors can help other authors improve their craft. I've written reviews for authors because I loved their stores. I started this blog so authors can promote themselves and their friends.

All in all I'm just a writer who loves great stories. So what is the one book you've read that you read over and over  again?


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  2. I hear you on the self-promotion thing. I've worked for 20 years in communication services. It's much easier for me to promote a client than to promote myself. I've had to work hard at it lately because that's what my publisher expects of me - it's the price of publication, if you will.

    One book I've read over and over? Guards Guards by Terry Pratchett. There are others but that is the one I've re-read most often. His introduction of the the lead character is brilliant.

  3. Mel, you'll have to write a "Time Travelers Guide to Landsend".

  4. Smashing idea, Ali! And why can't I edit a comment without having to delete it?

    Fave book - allow me two.

    My Brother Michael by Mary Stewart is the book I measure all others to.

    But - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reflects my quirky sense of humour to the T.

    In my utopia, my novels would be known as a wacky combination of the two styles.

  5. Well, you won't believe this, Karen - but it's The Hobbit. I read that first line, 'In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit,' ... and I'm in another world.

    Another book I peruse over and over is Pepys' Diary, an ancient, crumbling copy I found years ago in my father's library. It's a great read, if you like really, really small type. Bring on the bifocals. It's the use of language and mode of expression that appeals to me.

  6. Heather - I'm so excited that your favorite is The Hobbit - it was one of the first books that came to mind for me as well!

    In that same vein, I loved the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.

    Right now I'm re-reading Bujold almost as compulsively as I read it the first time. Just finished Diplomatic Immunity. If I were to create a top ten list several of the Vorkosigan series would be on it!