Monday, 11 July 2011

Do I dare to read CROSSFIRE?

My Dick Francis collection, 48 titles, has only three novels that I have not yet read. Bolt published in 1986, Under Order, a Sid Halley novel published after a six year writing hiatus and Crossfire, co-written by Felix Francis. It was going to be years, before I cracked the spine of one of these precious titles. Because after these, I will no longer have the pleasure of enjoying one of his fine adventures, for the first time.

Dick Francis is the author I’ve re-read more than any other. His upbeat tales feature honest, upstanding heroes, and there’s always a new occupation featured in each one. Proof featured the liquor industry. Shattered featured glass-blowing. Longshot featured wildnerness survival tips. Each is a cherished friend, worthy of repeat visits.

So it was with delight and relief this past week, that I discovered the books of Lyndon Stacey. She writes non-series mysteries, set in the horse world. The narrative is light, gently funny, with likeable characters. Even the villains are given some dimension. All her titles are in print, and I can hope a new one to be released within the year.

So perhaps next weekend, I’ll read one of those Dick Francis books. Just one, mind you!