Thursday, 9 June 2011

Introducing...Melodie Campbell

by Wayne Arthurson

I’ve never met Melodie Campbell, but I get a lot of e-mail from her. That’s 'cause Melodie is the General Manager of Crime Writers of Canada, and as a member myself, she sends me information that I need.

Melodie likes to describe herself as a former bank manager, marketing director, association executive, college instructor, and possibly the worst runway model ever. You can also add comedy writer to that and not just because that line is funny. Melodie has this parallel career as a humourist and has written over 100 columns for various North American newspapers. She was the opening speaker for the 1999 Canadian Humour Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, which also proves she’s funny. Check out her humour blog at, if you don’t believe me.

She’s got a comic suspense novel out this month (Rowena Through the Wall) plus she’s had over 30 short stories published, including a few in great magazines such as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and New Mystery Reader Magazine.

So even though I haven’t met Melodie in person, I like her, and not just because of the membership thing. I know you'll like her, too.