Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Let's Be a Reality Blog

I avoid Reality Shows. To me, they promote the competitive side of humanity, and not in a positive way. Big Brother, the Bachelorette, Flavor of Love, Survivor, Dancing With the Stars. To be fair, I haven’t watched full episodes of these.

Yet the last Olympics held me in thrall. That was Reality, too, though, with very deliberate dramatization of individual’s backgrounds. The difference? A very inspirational presentation.

There is no denying that Reality Shows are popular, and have been for a long time. Survivor started in 1992. Some thought Reality Shows were a hedge against strikes by the Writers Guild, and would not be here for long. Hmmm….Survivor, est. 1992…

I will admit to watching one: So You Think You Can Dance. This is more Sport than What Can We Film When They Think No One’s Looking. Each season begins by showing a range of applicants from phenomenal dancers, to heart of gold but missing an element dancers, to have you ever watched the show? foot shufflers. Dramatically presented, and with a positivity and a hey you gave it a good try attitude. But what really seals it for me is the growth of the selected competitors. Some just blossom before your eyes from one week to another.

So, Karen Blake-Hall was starting a blog, with emergent mystery writers. Driving home from work (the best time for ideas!), I mused…with a multitude of blogs out there, what could make hers special? Somehow the Reality Show popularity occurred to me, and I thought…

…How would a Reality Blog work? You can’t eliminate contestants. The blog is a group of writers working together, not competing. Oh, but let’s be real….everyone wants to sell their books and there may be a limited pool of book-buying dollars out there…

I proposed to Karen that part of my role here could be to present challenges. Writing related. Promotion related. We’ve got a number of writers just ready to blossom on the mystery scene with a bloody big splash. Watching their progression, seeing how they respond to different assignments, could be entertaining and for the mystery crowd…intriguing.

The first challenge will be issued June 14th. Keep your mystery-loving, adventure-craving eye on us!

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